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Home screenshot

App iconiBiz Stats App

Welcome to iBiz Stats. The world’s only Business Tracking and Graphing app that lets you manage your business on the go, anywhere in the world. iBiz Stats lets one user in one part of the world enter vital business stats, and allows others all over the world to view the stats, manipulate them into reports, and graphs, to visualize how the business is doing. If you don’t measure you don’t grow!

  • Feature 1 front screenshot

    Login - Home

    Simple login allows unlimited amounts of users to share the same data. So your staff in the US could enter the daily numbers, you could read in Europe on vacation. Share the data among execs, business coaches, anyone can see your data if you give them your login and password. Truly enables you to manage your business anywhere in the world. We store the data for you in our secure severs, so it doesn’t take up anyroom on you device and you can view anywhere! You can mange multiple clients accounts, or multiple business from one app!

    Here on the home screen, you can visualize all the features of this app. Enter the daily statistics for any business, Turn those statistics into full color printable graphs, visualize and print a report, edit the categories to track. Anything can be tracked!

  • Feature 2 front screenshot


    Enter Daily statistic with just a few clicks, The statistics categories are totally defined by you: Doctors: track front desk collections, patient visits, Contractors: jobs per day, collections, estimates, Internet business: orders shipped, collection, ads, articles written Any business: you enter the category, the daily value and we will track it The possibilities are endless!

  • Feature 3 front screenshot

    Select Periods

    Select several different time frames for comparison in graph or reports. Compare month to month, day by day, year by year, quarter by quarter. See how this June compares to last year. Graphs and Reports will tell the story of your business.

  • Feature 4 front screenshot


    Full color graphs, can be printed. Graph your stat over time, collections for the month and compare month to month, by the week, quarter, or even year. Simple graphs tell you how things are going and allow you to pick up trends

  • Feature 5 front screenshot


    Display and print reports with the category information along with the value, in a weekly, monthly, quaretely, or yearly format, and just see how things are going.